Threads of Hope Training: Human Trafficking in Greece 

October 22, 2015


I want to thank humanitarian Cecilia Sakatira for coming to the US to tour for Threads of Hope Hellas. An organization that blesses human trafficking victims and survivors. I am sure it was a sacrifice of love.

In her talk, Cecelia shared not only the difficulties for human trafficking victims and survivors in Greece but also powerful potential solutions to help alleviate the pain they are experiencing.

By helping the ladies and slowly, faithfully empowering them with a new identity in Christ and teaching them a skill, sewing high quality handbags and other items, they have a better chance to survive the devastating effects of their trafficking experience. This is an immense goal.

Cecelia challenged each of us to figure out what role we play in the solution. She got started on this journey by simply sharing her gift of sewing to the ladies when she saw the problem: even if the ladies wanted to leave prostit*ution, they had no way of earning a living. Some even started by learning how to hold and use scissors. When you see the bags, you would never realize they were beginners just a few years ago.

Simple Ways To Help

Cecelia mentioned, even if someone is simply praying to help it matters greatly.

Upon hearing this talk by Cecelia, I realized even simple tasks like selling cookies to raise money to support local, national or international anti human trafficking organizations helps even if its $13.29… it is a contribution that helps. Raising awareness and understanding in social media and in-person… it all contributes to the cause of helping us move closer toward setting human trafficking victims free and helping them move closer to their healing.

The Valley Against S**x Trafficking 

VAST, The Valley Against S**x Trafficking, our local anti trafficking organization has a list of things anyone can choose from to help; their organization was represented at this event.


If you are interested in raising awareness in your city or campus, Jwear who were also represented at this meeting, sells t-shirts and stickers as part of a global campaign. They are a good investment because Jwear not only gives away much of its income to anti-trafficking organizations but Jwear also hires youth to offer them a well paying alternative to other negative options offered to them in the inner city.

Thank You Threads of Hope Hellas

Again, I want to thank Cecelia for squeezing us into her packed schedule.

I have had people ask me about the bags Threads of Hope sells since then. If you would still like to order simply go to their website.

Cecelia’s efforts were an example to me of what Jesus has called us to do.

Use what is in our hands to be a blessing and help others.

Heloise "Lois" Ridley, MBA

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