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Hello my friends!

I am taking this quick moment to share something with you….

A ministry opportunity with Nea Zoi Ministries in Greece.

Its coming up this summer and I’m prepping for it now. I have mixed feelings to be honest. I am soooooo thankful for the opportunity and yet at the same time I know I will see some people who are caught up in prostitution, poverty and hardship. That will be tough because it is tragic. I have put details on my GoFundMe page if you want to help me get there. GoFundMe is a new website to me that actually a youth at our church recommended to me =) So much of my life is influenced by what I learn from young people. =)

Here is some of the text from my GoFundMe page at


This July, I have a unique ministry opportunity!
I am excited to serve with Nea Zoi (New Life) Ministries in Athens, Greece.This group serves as a refuge to women and men enslaved in the human trafficking industry through the “local church and community… where those in prostitution in Athens can find restoration and new life”. Greece is a key transit and destination country for many women and children who are being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation originating primarily from Eastern Europe and Soviet Bloc countries Nigeria, and Brazil. Close to 800,000 individuals are trafficked for various purposes every year across the borders of Greece. The organization also serves others in need including youth which I believe is wonderful and vitally needed. 

…One main reason I applied for this trip goes back to how God tends to use me…
to help empower people, to help them get set free from what hinders them and to encourage them walk with God in His power to change their lives and the world.  If we are already friends you know that this is what motivates and drives me to help and uplift those God puts in my path. To be honest it is painful, tearful work at times and very difficult… but I believe it’s worth it when I have the privilege of watching a person take steps to turn their lives around. That is exhilarating!

To impact a life is a priceless lifelong endeavor I  only attempt when I partner with God and go where He leads… this time it is Greece. I realize there will be deep pain there and ask for your prayers.

In this trip, our group from Liberty University hope to not only help the victims but those volunteers who serve to help them throughout the year.


This GoFundMe is an earnest appeal for your prayer support.

Secondly, $2,700 to defray a portion of the costs toward my flight, passport, and fees.

$1,500 by May 7th
$1,200 by June 7th

As a thank you:
1.  If your church or organization needs empowering training sessions for your parents or youth group … please let me know so we can discuss. 

2. If you prefer a parenting training CD, that is an option. 

Enough is enough
Kid Safe YouTube App News from Enough is Enough

Hello hello hello parents and caretakers!!!

I know it has been a long while since I last posted since I went back to graduate school. Lots of late nights studying after the minis go to bed. Anyway, I just opened up my inbox and email from Enough is Enough. I count on Donna Rice Hughes and her organization to keep me informed on the latest in internet safety for families. The have extensive internet safety data at  internetsafety101.org

Their latest is that we have good news from Google. We parents and caretakers now have a safer option for our children who enjoy the rich free video content available on YouTube. As a homeschooler, I love to show my kids educational videos on the topics that come up. I have been often frustrated by the slimy content that has popped up at the same time.

Have you? Yuck!

Well now there is an option for us caregivers available for free on Google Play or the App Store to filter what their children are exposed to and better yet, set parenting controls.

Enough is enough shared a few tips from Google on their YouTube new parental controls from the Google Blog… go there for details:

Family-focused content

… Now, parents can rest a little easier knowing that videos in the YouTube Kids app are narrowed down to content appropriate for kids, You can browse channels and playlists in four categories: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore.”

“Parental controls

We realize every family is different, so we’ve built options into the app that help you control the experience for your kids:


  • Timer: Let the app be the bad guy with a built-in timer that lets you limit kids’ screen time. The app alerts your child when the session is over, so you don’t have to. (You’re welcome ;-))
  • Sound settings:  Sometimes you need a little peace and quiet! You have an option to turn off background music and sound effects, so your kids can keep watching while you catch a breather.
  • Search settings:  If you’d rather limit your children to just the pre-selected videos available on the home screen, you can turn off search.
  • Product feedback: Our goal is to improve YouTube Kids all the time, so we’ve included for you to give us your feedback.

I am not sure how you feel about YouTube for your children. I know a lot of parents who do not trust the website. Now, they have a new opportunity to reevaluate YouTube. I for one am grateful…

So we can look up more cool educational facts.

Like “How does an astronaut eat and go potty mom?”

Enjoy & Blessings,


What do you think about the new YouTube app? 


God Says… I Can

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God says I can Phil.4:13

Iron Jen Show-podcast


 ” Be inspired, motivated and encouraged to discover how build resiliency and iron focus in order to leverage adversity to reach your potential”

-The Iron Jen


Often, I find many people have things in their heart they want to accomplish, yet they are discouraged and afraid. Some feel too tired to try since they have many obstacles to overcome.

A starting place for them to change is by renewing their minds and gain courage to go forward even when they may feel like quitting or giving up on their family, hopes and dreams.

I always encourage them to pray and read their Bible if they are people of faith.

The Word of God is stuffed with helpful verses that give courage and strength :

“That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, ‘No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9 (NLT)

After those bases are covered…. I cannot say enough about The Iron Jen Show podcast. Iron Jen’s honesty and transparency keep me hooked on the show.

I listen to it regularly from the podcast app on my iPhone. You can listen on Android and on Blog Talk Radio on your computer. You can subscribe to automatically receive new episodes.

The background story is a family that has worked hard to climb out of massive debt, compete in triathlons, manage their busy lives with four children including one son who unfortunately has serious health issues for God to heal.

The podcast is designed for people from all walks of life who need encouragement and support. Iron Jen tackles life’s tough issues with her guests who help listeners overcome everything from writing a book,  starting or expanding a business, to climbing out of depression or helping a child conquer substance abuse.


Some of my favorite episodes from The Iron Jen Show Podcast are:

Dr. Stephen Taylor –  NBA Speaker on Helping Our Kids Overcome Chemical Addiction

John Crudele – Making Sense of Adolescence: How to Parent from the Heart

Dan Miller –  Wisdom Meets Passion

Karen Putz – Unwrapping Your Passion

Jen McDonough – How to Get Out of Debt 

Jen McDonough How to Be an Empowered Parent

Chris LoCurto  – Simple and Easy Tips for Entrepreneurs

Kent Julian  – How to Become a Paid Speaker

Kathleen Crandall  – Personal Branding and How It Can Help You Build Your Platform

Ramsey County  Keeping Our Kids On Track

There are many more listed on The Iron Jen Show website

You will be glad you did. Take Courage!

In what areas do you struggle and need the most encouragement? What do you do when you need more courage?

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.”

-John C. Maxwell

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