Sticking Our Children To God – Audio Video

June 17, 2015


One of my personal missions in life is to ask God how to Glue Kids to Him so that they have a better chance of sticking and to share with others what I learn along the way. Parenting is much easier when God is in their hearts and He can teach them as He has promised.

Sticking of course means staying connected to Him in their lives to fulfill the role He created for them and have a more successful life…. We are all familiar with sticky notes that tend to wear out giving use and eventually fall off the paper.

THAT is NOT what we want…
Id like to see people’s kids…stick more like that cement glue that binds your fingers together if you are not careful.
It stays.
In fact I want to see kids stuck like
Rhino glue. It claims to be the strongest glue in the world.


Even if we missed the mark before and are playing catchup. If God brought a problem to your attention He obviously has plans to help you as well. Just ask Him.

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Heloise "Lois" Ridley, MBA

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Heloise (Lois) Ridley, MBA helps parents "Get OFF the CRAZY cycle.... and onto a path of peace" She loves to encourage, instruct and empower parents and youth to live and impact the world around them. Heloise speaks and trains in workshops for internet safety, home education and parenting issues to equip today's busy parents. She specializes in helping parents create a "Character Based Internet Safety Net" in their homes to protect their children online wherever they go. She also offers Coaching and Training to families that need more support to implement their plan. Heloise also speaks and coaches parents: ...from baby basics, pre-school antics, study skills & education, the eventful teen years. She is passionate about equipping "stressed out moms": ...with practical tools ...strategies ...and a clear understanding of God's role as Partner, Provider and Helper in the parenting process.