Parenting Life Moments & Lessons

Live Moments Post Series

There are several “Life Moments” posts that are wee parenting lessons downloaded from God for the day, look for them every other Wednesday.

Here are links to previous parenting life moments:

Life Moment: Parenting Tip for Helping Kids Struggling with Anger
Life Moment: Parenting Inspiration – Kind Words
Life Moment: Parenting Inspiration for Intelligent Children
Life Moment: Hope for Parents – God Promises to Teach Our Children
Life Moment: Teach Our Children Emotional Intelligence 

I think I will create a separate tab for these to help you find them easier =)

Prayer Handout

Here is a handout I use with kids who need a bit of encouragement and guidance to pray instead of just “yak”

HOW DO I PRAY by Christian Children


Sticking Your Children to God – Audio and Slides

Here is a late night YouTube audio chat… slides are below available on Scribd

Sticking Our Children to God – 2014 by Christian Children



When you help Children and Youth learn who they are… you are a world changer!


Worship Lessons

Here are worship lessons that were a hit with many groups. Children responded and connected well….

When I have downtime I can update the music and such but I am sure you can adopt these lessons for your needs. The goal is for the children and youth to experience and connect with God.


Worship Lesson 1 – Repost – Parent and Family Support by Christian Children


Worship Lesson 2 Repost -Parent and Family Support by Christian Children

For my Kiddie Friends…

I made this for someone special in my life but have many more kiddie buddies. Tell your kids to listen to my squeaky singing. Oh my goodness.

Children’s Prayer Tools

Childrens Healing Tools – Parent and Family Support Services by Christian Children


Daily Medi-Crationals by Christian Children


Character Based Internet Safety

As you all may know internet safety is an issue dear to my heart. Many of our children are addicted and caught up in cyber-land and either don’t know how to come out or don’t want to….

In our internet safety sessions we will tailor the discussion based on your needs. But we all need to take proactive measures today =)

Character Based Internet Safety- MEDIA SHEETS June 2016 – Heloise Ridley – Speaker by Christian Children