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funny cartoon about a mom speaker by McPherson 160kb

I just received a picture of this hilarious cartoon from a friend who wrote “U at ENOCH”

She is referring to me speaking at the ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention coming up in May.

This funny cartoon was created by John McPherson at

He has a new Close To Home funny on the everyday.

Ironically, this cartoon is easy to relate to at times with our 6 kids that we homeschool.

Moms juggle a lot to get things done!


In this video we chat about what you as a parent or caretaker can do when you are “sick and tired” of your toddler or preschooler is always telling you NO, drops the floor and throws a fit when you ask them to do something. Does this defiant behavior make you feel crazy and desperate?

It hurts my heart so see parents struggle with this problem. It is avoidable and will lead to a more peaceful home if well addressed.

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