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This image was actually taken in Athens, Greece when I was with a group of fellow students at Nea Zoi Ministries summer 2015.  Nea Zoi and Threads of Hope Ministries faithfully love those in need one by one. 

Beyond this street begins “The Red light district” where prostitution is legal. Women and children are human trafficked there from parts of Europe, Africa and other locations. It is disgusting. The dilapidated buildings are painted with pretty colors that cannot disguise the chains that you see across the windows. Ironically the black statue in the middle of the square on the left of the picture is called “The fallen angel” and points directly to the beginning of the district were girls and women are trapped and used for profit and tourism. 

Yet God has a plan of deliverance for these ladies….one by one. The Gospel can give them the confidence and healing they need but action needs to be taken. By us. 

Certainly we need to spend ourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed women and girls. Part of we are called to do includes faithful prayer. Can we please pray together for the Lord’s guidance? 

Lord please help us not to forget those who are hungry and oppressed. Show us what to do Lord. Please help us to put our faith into daily action because “faith without works is dead”.

Please encourage those suffering girls and women. Show them your true love and faithfulness God.  I pray your light will shine in that darkness Lord.

Just as you ended legal slavery in the United States and people like me can be free Lord you can do it again. Please set the captives free. Use us Lord to do our part.
In Jesus name amen. 

I want to thank humanitarian Cecilia Sakatira for coming to the US to tour for Threads of Hope Hellas. An organization that blesses human trafficking victims and survivors. I am sure it was a sacrifice of love.

In her talk, Cecelia shared not only the difficulties for human trafficking victims and survivors in Greece but also powerful potential solutions to help alleviate the pain they are experiencing.

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Threads of Hope Hellas

September 8, 2015

Threads of Hope Hellas shares at The Fathers House Christian Fellowship

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This was the last day of my LUGREECE class trip to Greece where our class learned about human trafficking and the legal prostituti’n in the country. We went during the height of the economic crisis 2015. Touring the gorgeous country was fun but the exploitation of women there was difficult to stomach. Something needs to be done to help the ladies who are still there and in need.

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