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Parenting can be hard work. We parents often struggle to balance our relationships with our children. It’s important though to remember it is OK to lovingly discipline children. They will thank you later!

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Hope for Weary Parents: God Promises to Teach Our Children- Isaiah 54:13

Hope for Parents: God Promises to Teach Our Children

I am very grateful for His daily involvement and support.

Isaiah 54:13

Posted by Parent & Family Support Services on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Guest Author – Julie Zine Coleman shares her parenting wisdom for parents of preteens and teens. Children are unique, and not every strategy works for every child. However, there are some general principles.
When my children were little, it seemed like every parent my age was dreading the day their children would become teenagers. We all knew horror stories of sweet children who did the Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde thing upon hitting adolescence, turning into almost unrecognizable monsters. In our minds, adolescence was certain to be the end of family peace and happiness as we knew it.
They entertained us with their wonderful humor, broke our hearts with their struggles, and encouraged us by their fledgling commitment to the Lord. Friends stopped over all of the time, and descended on our pantry like locusts. I don’t mean to give you the impression that life was perfect, or that my teens did not present huge challenges to my husband and me. Those years kept us on our knees as we watched our children begin to spread their wings. However, I can tell you there was never a dull moment in the Coleman household.

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In this video we chat about what you as a parent or caretaker can do when you are “sick and tired” of your toddler or preschooler is always telling you NO, drops the floor and throws a fit when you ask them to do something. Does this defiant behavior make you feel crazy and desperate?

It hurts my heart so see parents struggle with this problem. It is avoidable and will lead to a more peaceful home if well addressed.

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One of the show I used to watch a lot was “What NOT to wear” on TLC. I loved it!
Similarly, the Bible also gives us great “What not to do” examples to encourage us.
King David – Tip: It is Important to Discipline Children – Teach Them to be Fruity
The Bible story goes on to tell how all this hurt David very deeply…. I can’t image how he must have felt. Unfortunately, his sons were hurt by his decision to not teach them right from wrong.

We are encouraged “What not to do”

As much as we can….we should not ignore our kid’s behavior that needs correcting…

Even when we are tired and stressed.

That is a mouthful if you ask me…but its doable.

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