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Schedule NEW HOPE sessions to seek solutions for caretakers and/or their children who need support 

 We can meet in informal intimate circle group chats or

gather for presentations at meetings/conferences with connecting Q & A times at the end.

Feel free to use the “CONTACT” form for inquiries.


Support sessions for challenging parenting needs:

What are your pain points as a parent?

Are your children driving you nuts? Do you need peace in your home?

Are your children defying you?

Are your children distant and untouchable?

Do you feel defeated?

Do you cry yourself to sleep…or yell at your kids a lot lately?

Are your teens out of control?

Are you a new mom who isn’t sure what to do?

Are you overwhelmed and tired?

Have you tried everything?

* Please reach out if your family needs support. Moms typically sacrifice for their children but need to be uplifted and encouraged for more peaceful, effective parenting. 


 Equipping and Empowering Individuals and Organizations


Ridley Concepts & Solutions, LLC

Heloise and Rodney are passionate about equipping and empowering individuals and organizations:

Heloise and her husband, Dr. Rodney S.Ridley, Sr. partner with God to support churches, missionaries and entrepreneurial endeavors.

…with practical tools…strategies

…and a clear understanding of God’s role as the major partner in the process.


“Character Based Internet Safety” for Your Family 

Parents, do you need to create a “safety net” in your home for internet use?

Do you need and want to know what your children are doing online?

What about on their mobile devices outside the home…. do you know what they are surfing and who they are talking to?

Would you like to partner with God and keep them safer?

Do you need help creating an internet safety plan?

*I have found that internet woes in families can be devastating. Private consultations are available. We can talk through it together. Click on the button to schedule a “Parenting Session” to discuss options and solutions as well as support.


Considering or Developing Your Family’s Homeschooling

After many years of home education, it has been a privilege to help others get started. Is this your first year?

Are you considering cyber school for your children?

Are you nervous about homeschooling?

Do the myriad of curriculum options make you want to pull your hair out or better yet…cry?

Have you created a budget?

Is your homeschool legal according to your state?

Have you found organizations to align yourself with in person and online?

Do you need an evaluation?

* FREE homeschool support is available. Please use the contact form. 

If you need support implementing a plan or have questions about services please do not hesitate to connect:





2 responses to Services

  1. Hi, my name is Carolina.
    I’m looking for a public homeschool for my two kids.
    I’m moving to North Dakota.
    Thank you.

    • Heloise “Lois” Ridley, MBA February 20, 2016 at 3:15 am

      Hello Carolina,
      Sorry I missed this post…
      I hope you settled well. Just for the record, since we have moved several times I do usually seek out the state home school association for starters.
      North Dakota does seem to have cyber schools. One called North Dakota Virtual Academy is the same K12 curriculum found in other states. If you ever look at that school and need help please let me know. We did a few years in that school. A paid online school I recommend highly is Potters School. It is a rigorous program with caring teachers. I hope it works out well for you!


So glad to hear from you. Please freely comment below and have a wonderful day =)