Ridley Peewee Basketball Plus Dad

March 19, 2016

We had a day of basketball and baseball. I may have cheated because I definitely prayed they would win. Selfish mom did not want to see tears all night! I automatically prayed because the close score surely stressed me out at 8 to 9 points in last 3 minutes of the game.

As you can see below coach Rod got a little tense too šŸ™‚

They were 1 basket apart for much of the half. Too much for mom to watch! I was so grateful when our team got another basket down with 2 minutes to go. Then I relaxed a bit. Then to top it off they got another score and won 8-12.

The twins of course brought they are sketch pads to the game in homeschool fashion. Ode to Biddles who drew a basketball hoop. His sports commentary. Not sure if he watched at all but that lines up with his strategy at his own peewee games. Still trying to get him to look at the basketball during the game while he’s playing. LOL.





Biddle’s huddle below with his team and coaches. The are so cute. I mostly enjoyed seeing all the Dads there each week grooming and training their kids for the sport.

An involved Dad leads to a happy kid. Except…the little one I saw crying because he didn’t want to improve his game no matter how hard his Dad tried to gently encourage him. Oh well. Haha



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