Internet Safety Solution: Smartphone Pics of Kids Pose Security Risk

December 18, 2013


Parent Support – Internet Safety Warning

I recently watched a widely circulated 2010 video on an internet safety security warning concerning Smartphone pictures of our children.

In the video, it was clear that an online predator could use the coded GEO location information that is part of every picture taken on the smart phone.

This location information can be decoded to track specifics.

These specifics include not only the home of a child, but even their room within the home.

Not only the playground, but what spot in that playground.

Parents… I believe that is too much!!!

Internet Safety Solution

There is a recommended solution mentioned at the end of the video. In case you don’t catch it:

Simply go into your phone

1. Change the “Privacy” settings,

2. Then go to Location services,

3. Click “Camera” and make sure it is in the off position.


Does this help?

Heloise "Lois" Ridley, MBA

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Heloise (Lois) Ridley, MBA helps parents "Get OFF the CRAZY cycle.... and onto a path of peace" She loves to encourage, instruct and empower parents and youth to live and impact the world around them. Heloise speaks and trains in workshops for internet safety, home education and parenting issues to equip today's busy parents. She specializes in helping parents create a "Character Based Internet Safety Net" in their homes to protect their children online wherever they go. She also offers Coaching and Training to families that need more support to implement their plan. Heloise also speaks and coaches parents: ...from baby basics, pre-school antics, study skills & education, the eventful teen years. She is passionate about equipping "stressed out moms": ...with practical tools ...strategies ...and a clear understanding of God's role as Partner, Provider and Helper in the parenting process.