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Internet Safety Help - Parent Support and family Support for You

What Others Are Saying About Our “Character Based – Internet Safety Workshop”:

“Heloise’s talk on internet safety was phenomenal!  She tackled a tough, sensitive topic in a straightforward and honest way.  Personable and funny, “Lois” was down to earth and approachable; the whole room loved her!  

She provided so many great examples, websites for resources, and statistics to support. 

There was a line of people waiting to share their personal stories of struggles within their own family. Heloise opened up a doorway for parents to begin to address this “taboo talk” and gave very practical suggestions for encouraging “integrity-based security”.

Lisa W. Mom of 5, Attendee of ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention



Parent Coaching Seminars – Help for your Intentional Parenting

Parent Coaching - Heloise Ridley, Parent and Family Support

What Others Are Saying About Ongoing Parent and Family Support:

“Your voice of encouragement, your prayers, & your strength; you have given freely of yourself & you have blessed me.”

Darcy G.  Mom of 3, Realtor at Classic Properties


“I met you via our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program at least 17 years ago. What a blessing you were; what a blessing you continue to be to others by your willingness to reach out and minister to needs. Your desire to honor Him is pleasing to Jesus and to others.”

Darlene P.

Mom of 2, My Scrapbook Addiction, Online Retailer


“You have been a blessing to me and my children. Your witness of always trusting God, of always directing the children to God, is a wonderful example to everyone. you are a real person living in the real world (you have to be with 6 kids and usually a couple extra).

You’ve been a godly example of helping others; you find time to encourage and minister to the people around you. Thanks so much!”

Wendy A. Mom of 4, Physical Therapist

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