About Heloise Ridley

Heloise Ridley - Parent Coach and Speaker 

 Heloise ‘Lois’ Ridley, M.B.A

Heloise speaks to individuals and groups for Family Concerns

Supporting Families with Challenging Children

Training for Parents and Organizations Who Desire Help

To Book a Workshop or Training Session – Please Use the Contact form on this Website


For those who need relief and help – training sessions are available:

New Hope FootN-E-W  H-O-P-E workshops for caretakers, youth and young adults:


…from help for parents with the baby basics,

…to difficult or challenging toddlers and elementary school students,

…to study skills & education,

…to the difficult teen years (let’s talk about it)

…to emotional support for adolescent and young adults and their parents

Equipping and Empowering Individuals and Organizations


Ridley Concepts & Solutions, LLC

She and Rodney are passionate about equipping and empowering individuals and organizations:

Heloise and her husband, Dr. Rodney S.Ridley, Sr. partner with God to support churches, missionaries and entrepreneurial endeavors.

…with practical tools…strategies

…and a clear understanding of God’s role as the major partner in the process.


Using his talents to help others

Here Rod is using his gifts and talents at work to help others. Training to become like “Joseph”

Photo from Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wedco-2016-innovator-year-stourbridge-project


Homeschool Support

God has supported the Ridley’s through over 18 years of Homeschooling. Support is offered for Homeschool Groups and Conferences. Here is a sample talk from ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention 2015


Character Based “Internet Safety Net” Cybersafety

Heloise specializes in helping create a more CHARACTER BASED secure Internet Safety Net to protect their children online wherever they go. She teaches strategies to help them understand and create an actionable plan to stay connected.

She speaks at organizations to introduce what she calls: “Character Based Internet Safety Strategies”.


The end goal is to help families move toward proactive family solutions:

By helping parents figure out how to gain practical skills and grow in wisdom by tapping into God’s infinate help and resources which are definitely available. God has solutions, strategy, ideas and answers for our questions for ordinary, tough and painful family issues.

For those who need relief and help.



Help For Children and Youth to Learn and Grow in Self Esteem & Identity

Heloise works with children and youth to enable them to perform better in school, feel better about themselves and develop a sense of purpose and achievement.

As a Youth Pastor Heloise motivates caretakers and educators to inspire their children and youth to seek God passionately, hear His voice and follow His guidance in their everyday lives.


Book God's Miracles with Heloise Ridley

Heloise participated with an article in an encouraging and uplifting book.

You can click on the affiliate link below or search the title on Amazon.

God’s Miracles – True Stories of Healing and Restoration


Educational Training

Heloise currently attends Liberty University to retool in graduate school with a Professional Counseling degree where she had the privilege of training on human trafficking in Athens,Greece. She is interning at Warwick Family Services providing intensive mobile therapy for traumatized children and also counseling at Cornerstone Christian Ministries https://www.ccmeaston.org/staff/#/heloise-ridley/

Heloise trained under Drs Diane Langberg and Phil Monroe to earn a certificate in Global Trauma Recovery from Biblical Theological Seminary’s and practiced under their tutelage in Rwanda for Domestic Abuse.

She attended Penn State University, MBA in Marketing and International Business

and met Rodney at Lincoln University while earning a BS in Chemistry – A “Ring By Spring” =)


Family & Fun

Heloise can be found in Pennsylvania with her husband Rodney

Homeschooling the last 4 of their 6 Children with hilarious twins (2 up and 4 to go!)




or Mentoring Youth as “Auntie Lo-Lo” as Youth Pastor at her local church.


For fun, Heloise sips hot tea and sleeps.

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