Discipline of Children: Tips from the “What Not to Wear” TV Show

August 9, 2013

The Bible gives us encouraging lessons to teach, train and discipline our children…even when we don’t FEEL like it.

One of the show I used to watch a lot was “What NOT to wear” on TLC.what not to wear_thumb

I loved it!

While I didn’t agree with how they teased and insulted their clients who were “volunteered” by their friends who hated their wardrobe…I DID learn a lot.

The clients seemed to rethink how they dressed.

The results were amazing.


Similarly, the Bible also gives us great “What not to do” examples to encourage us.

After seeing how some of the greatest heroes of the Bible also made mistakes when training their children, I realized we can feel better, we are all human =)

God’s grace is what we need.

….Some of the parenting situations in the bible are actually sad lessons to read about but they do help us “get a clue” on “what not to do”…


King David – Tip: It is Important to Discipline Children – Teach Them to be Fruity

King David was a man after God’s own heart…he was God’s friend and a worshipper whose life still impacts us greatly today. Many popular sayings and songs even today come from the Book of Psalms

So David had a successful career overall as King

BUT what happened to his David SON Adonijah?


David’s Son Adonijah


…“decided to make himself King in place of his aged father.” 1 Kings 1: 5

Why did he do this? Well I am sure there are many reasons but the key “kicker” to me is the next verse 6.

Now his father, King David, had never disciplined him at any time, even by asking, “Why are you doing that?” (NLT)

Sadly, David’s passive parenting style lead to his son’s behavior. David’s son Adonijah eventually was killed by soldiers as he fled because he attempted to kill his own father and be King instead.

The Bible story goes on to tell how all this hurt David very deeply…. I can’t image how he must have felt. Unfortunately, his sons were hurt by his decision to not teach them right from wrong.

We are encouraged “What not to do”

As much as we can….we should not ignore our kid’s behavior that needs correcting…

Even when we are tired and stressed.

That is a mouthful if you ask me…but its doable.


Parenting With Grace for Our Children

There is one grace modification.

When a child is tired, cranky, sleepy, miserable…..it is often important to take care of those needs first before rationally disciplining our children.



Do you think you can discipline and train even when you don’t feel like it?


Heloise "Lois" Ridley, MBA

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