Beginning Homeschool Slides – ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention Presentation 2016

May 26, 2016

Beginning the Homeschool Funnel” SESSION 2 – ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention 2016
(NJ LOOPS listed below)

Hello again my “Newbie” friends and Welcome to the Homeschool Movement!

Another hello to my veterans who have finished a few years… even my “almost 2 years?” friend. =)

These are slides for Session #2 presentation Beginning the Homeschool Funnel.

I learned how to insert these for you guys! It’s about 3:30am so I gave up sleep to help my “newbies” and veteran homeschoolers!


Here is a LINK to the PowerPoint so you can click the homeschool resource and internet safety links..

Here is the description from the ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention Workshop Page

Beginning the Homeschool Funnel

“Starting the homeschool process is much like using a funnel. We add many components that filter through and flow out to your family’s mix. This workshop will discuss the natural process to get started homeschooling. First ingredient…a generous layer of prayer to line the funnel. Then we add “big ingredients” which are homeschool priorities: discipleship, character building, family goals, and love of learning. The next ingredient considers parent’s personality types, children ages, student/parent learning styles, family dynamics, special needs and health concerns which may influence time, availability, and energy. Next, we add a bit of the major homeschool philosophies that may influence the appearance of homeschool.” 

What Does Your Homeschool Look Like? SESSION 3 – ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention

I am adding Session 3 – slides and here is the link to the Powerpoint slides so you can clink the links to various homeschool and internet safety resources:


Description from the ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention Workshop Page

What Does Your Homeschool Look Like?

“Organizing, goal and vision setting for homeschooling is a process. Some families need a reboot to plan long term. This workshop helps parents evaluate their priorities and values for global planning. We will discuss topics spanning from, “How do I determine non-negotiables for my homeschool?” to “What do I want my homeschool resources to look this year? (work books, glitter, computers, textbooks, manipulatives, library books, Playdoh, living books, crayons, lap books)”. Other topics include: play and socialization versus workload balance, parent temperament and ability to manage self-care, instilling love of learning and character, if co-ops fit your mix and current trends in homeschooling. Finally, we will plan forward: “What does it look like to homeschool middle/high school and prepare them well?” and “How hard should we push through those grades to graduate early?” and “What do homeschool graduates value most and least about their experience and what changes would they suggest?”


Homeschooling in NJ

Homeschool networking loops mentioned in our session:

The NJLoop is open to all homeschoolers in NJ for discussing homeschooling, sharing homeschooling experiences, and posting announcements of events and activities for homeschoolers – over 1000 members: .

For a comprehensive list with more email loop options close to the bottom.

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Many Blessings to you all!


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