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December 1, 2017

Today would have been Moms birthday and I would have scrambled around to find lotion, facial wipes, oil of Olay bath set and face cream and maybe perfume for Mom from her grandkids present to her. Then maybe a gift card to either Old Country Buffet or Red Lobster from me. 

The kids would have baked her another round cornbread with a candle as a cake that they proudly made themselves…

Then grandma would have acted like it was the best ever and make a fuss even if she had the same lotion and perfume on her dresser still there from Mother’s Day. 

But this year it is her first promotion to her reward in heaven day because Mom loved Jesus and accepted Him in her heart. 

I pray all those she touched with her life seek to be best friends with God as she did. 

God was #1 and she let me know clearly because I was never allowed to skip church or Sunday school without significant discomfort that week…

Here is her favorite verse she would recite in the car to my kids:

Psalm 121

“I will life up mine eyes unto the hills, 

From whence cometh my help. 

My help cometh from the Lord

Which made heaven and earth.”
God Bless You Grandma Dottie