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One of my personal missions in life as a Parent is to ask God how to Glue Kids to Him so that they have a better chance of sticking and to share with others what I learn along the way as a Parent Coach. Parenting is much easier when God is in our children and teens’ hearts and He can teach them as He has promised so they can live a more peaceful life.

Sticking of course means staying connected to Him in their lives to fulfill the role He created for them and have a more successful life

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Parenting can be hard work. We parents often struggle to balance our relationships with our children. It’s important though to remember it is OK to lovingly discipline children. They will thank you later!

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If you get to know me personally, you will notice I love art. Particularly paintings & drawings. Sculptures are fascinating to me but photography rocks. Matisse was the best of the classical world but I am enjoying this posted artwork from the Iris Global website. I was fishing for information on the Harvest School that my son is attending this summer as any snooping parent would for more details….and found an art treasure.

Praying Momma; an excellent watercolor that says it all. You can see her intense connection with God as she prays to Him for her son. Wow!

The  Iris Fine Arts page on the Iris Global Website will lead you to other gorgeous paintings as well.

For more information on this painting contact Kathy Evans –


Praying Momma

Iris Fine Arts – Go to Iris Global Website


 This artwork says a thousand words!

Many of our children today are hurting…
some are secretly addicted to explicit and harmful content,
are addicted to gaming,
are victims of cyber bullying,
or worse – are part of the estimated 50,000 abductions per year…
We as parents and educators need to equip them and ourselves to not only protect them but also train their hearts and minds to help them stay on track.
It is time to work together to rescue children and youth who are ensnared by the internet and struggling… they desperately want to return to the path of peace.

10 Common Pitfalls & 10 Potential Solutions for Improved Internet Safety
TRUE internet safety is an oxymoron. As parents we can implement precautionary internet safety systems to filter content, block unwanted addresses, limit time, monitor chats and other activities when our children are online. However, tech savvy kids sometimes discover ways to BUST through internet safety nets just for the challenge.
Here are 10 common mistakes and 10 potential solutions. The best safeguards to truly help kids stay safe are instilling integrity and wisdom.

******Lot’s of static from my hair that was in braids =) Hint: never combine braids with a microphone that leans against the hair!*****

Ridley Concepts & Solutions

Iris Ministries, Rodney Ridley Jr.

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